Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, December 9, 2012
A bit of stash was used this week--5 yards for pillowcases and another half yard for bowl potholders.  Not much--but every little bit helps.

In This Week--0 yards 
In Year to Date--152.5 yards
Used This Week--5.5 yards
Used Year to Date--114.25 yards
Stash is ahead 37.75 yards

I'm pleased with my stash reports this year.  Over 100 yards used.  And although it appears that my stash has grown--it's not.  I can see a definite reduction in my storage cubes.  Where did it go?  Last week I counted--there are 20 finished tops to be quilted.  Almost all my tops are queen size or bigger.  Several of those tops have backings already made.   That must be at least 250 yards of stash!   I'll keep puttering away and yes--stash reports will continue next year.  I find it a great tool to guide my purchases.  Have you found stash reports helpful??  Check out more stash reports at Patchwork Times.

Ruby the quilting dog has a new look.  This was her last week---

And this is today--

Where is the rest of the dog??  Honest--I think she lost 10 lbs~!!  She still has her sleek girlish figure (she's 12yo).  Her head and ears were only trimmed, and her tail feathers are still long.  And I got a discount from the groomer because she said Ruby is a DREAM to work with.   Ruby was able to do one of her favorite things last night--

Ruby was in shoe heaven!

The view out my front door today---

Yes, the white stuff is here!  The wind has gone and its 9F and expected to drop to -4F tonight.  UGH  



Nancy said...

I remember when our farm dog got groomed because he was so badly matted. He was almost embarrassed until he got used to his new look.

Sure glad you got the white stuff instead of me.

lcrr_khs said...

I would love that white stuff! Here in Central IL, the drought continues and the moisture and slow melt of snow would be so welcome.

Remind me when I start complaining. But last year we had only one, count 'em, one snow.

Congrats on so many flimsies!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Ruby looks so sleek!! And I guess she loves shoes.

The snow does make it feel more like Christmas. We had snow flurries most of the day along with the crazy wind. Brrrr!

Finished putting out the Christmas stuff and sorted out FIVE boxes to take to the Christmas Store in Ewing. My house is just getting TOO full.

Lori said...

I see you found spandex for Ruby! time for mine to get their spandex on again.

DeeDee said...

Ruby is wondering why you cut off all of her fur right when it turned cold...

I also find the stash reports helpful, keep my goals in check and lets me know when I have spent too much $ purchasing fabric to add to the stash.

Congrats on having so many finished tops and backs made.

Thanks for sharing