Motivation Friday

Friday, January 25, 2013
Time to check on my goals--
  1. one yoyo block-yes
  2. finish applique block-yes
  3. quilt last 3 borders on the pink horror-not yet
  4. sew on one binding-two sides done
  5. move one UFO one more step-nope
Prepped two more applique blocks.  I was distracted by my scrap box.  One evening I pressed the scraps and the next cut them into usable bits.  There were 179 bricks (3.5x6.5") and 81 5" charms.   A Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt uses 112 bricks.  Thank you Bonnie Hunter--its a great pattern and I use it often. 

One of the on-line groups I belong to is having an applique challenge--to finish a block each month.  I probably won't be that productive--but its fun!  Here is mine--

Its the Beyond the Cherry Trees project--I have 10 blocks done. 

On Mondays Marlin's has 1/2 price burgers 5-9pm.   They are so good!   Henrietta, Ken and I braved the cold to eat.

Henrietta had a "Texas Tangler" burger with deep fried onions strips and swiss cheese and a hot sauce.  Ken had his favorite--a cheese burger, and I had a bacon egg cheeseburger.  Served with fries and bottomless drinks in quart jars.  (I had water--not a soda drinker)  What was our bill---$16.08!

Its been frigid here--but I saw International Falls was -35F this morning so I won't complain!  Tomorrow they predicts a heat wave of 20F.  

Stay warm and have a great weekend!  



Nancy said...

I like the looks of your burger. I've never seen one served with an egg - it looks tasty.

Sara said...

Yum - those burgers look great, especially the onion swiss cheese one. Perfect way to spend a frigid night.

Very pretty applique blocks and so much work put into them. That must count much more than sewing binding.

Katie Z. said...

My husband loves to drink out of mason jars!

Unknown said...

We have a place here - Fabulous Burger - that offers every kind of burger you can think up. I thought a burger with an egg on it was nasty sounding...til I ate one. OH MAN! Was it ever good. I bought some mason jars with handles so my guys can drink tea out of them. Just makes it taste better they tell me.