Motivation Friday

Friday, January 18, 2013
Warm weather here at the moment, 48F and most the snow has melted.  Muddy and sloppy but that's going to change soon.  By Sunday its will be frigid cold and the puddles will be ice rinks. 

Time to check my goals--
  1. One yo-yo block--in progress
  2. quilt one top and make binding--in progress
  3. Load another UFO (at this point they are ALL UFOs)--not yet
  4. Applique 5 leaves---yes
I've been working on quilting this--

The "Pink Horror".  Its not that bad--I'm not a pink person and I'm putting a flower motif on each block--its tedious but not hard.  Its mostly made of Lover's Knot blocks I won in a block lotto a long time ago with a few others thrown in from my block stash.  Henrietta set the blocks together about 5 years ago and I added a border when I pulled it out to quilt it. 

After all the quilting I did last weekend I decided to start a new project. There's a box of homespuns I'm trying to use up (remember the Double Slice quilt?).    My friend Pam asked about a quilt-a-long and I thought it was a great idea!!  We're using this pattern--

Its a free pattern from Andover Fabrics.   It finishes 70x91.5"--I think that's a perfect size for a Quilt of Valor.  

I'm using a variety of COC. WOC, and tans for the neutral to set off my homespuns.


Garden Gate Plaid Block
I have all 12 blocks done and next step is the sashing.  The best part--I only have a few pieces of homespun left! 

While sitting in the recliner I work on my applique, the yoyos, and I've started binding one of the tops I quilted.   We've laid in supplies for the cold spell that's coming--milk, coffee, TOILET PAPER.   A big batch of soup has been made.  Some homemade bread is planned.  And sewing.  Lots of sewing!!  What do you have planned?


pdudgeon said...

LOL, i have it on good authority that Lori is working very hard on her Garden Gate quilt. Several fire engine sirens have been heard in her neighborhood and mine, so i just know that her sewing machine is sending up smoke signals whiel she's sewing the 9 patches.
But seriously, this is a very fun quilt to make. So if you've got some spare fat quarters or fat eighths or a jelly roll or two, this quilt's for you! Come join us!!

Nancy said...

The Garden Gate is definitely a great quilt pattern. I haven't sewn a stitch in ages, but I may join you this weekend.

Katie Z. said...

This weekend? Sleep!

mereth said...

I do envy you a cold spell. We've had a 'cool change' which means the temperatures are in the high nineties instead of 105 to 113. Much better, but still not condusive to sewing..... You seem to be getting heaps done!

Sara said...

This will indeed be a pretty QOV. Stay warm the next few days. That cold has begun to settle in already and I wasn't as well organized as you. So I will need to venture out tomorrow for groceries. The soup idea does sound good.