2016 Goals and Guidelines

Friday, January 1, 2016
 Its a new year, and I'm using my 2015 Guidelines again--
2016 Guidelines

Refold/organize ONE cube/spot in my stash per month

Work on ONE UFO per month and move it One more step towards completion.  (add borders, set blocks into a top, etc)

Any piece of stash less than 9" WOF goes into the scrap box to be recut into usable units--noodles, 3.5" x 6.5" bricks, 5" charms.  

Finish a UFO before starting a new project (this one is a bit iffy)
I plan to participate in Design Wall Mondays, Stashbuster's UFO Challenge, Rainbow Scrap Challenge and other internet fun.  Even Stash reports!  I may not post to each one every week--but I enjoy them. 

I plan to make quilts for donation and for family. 

I will participate in internet fun.  

I will remind myself its the PROCESS I love the most!
 My words for the year are ENJOY, FOCUS, and BALANCE!!

They have worked well for me, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"  I did add Focus and Balance to my words.  
How has my year totalled up?   My stash report shows me buying 109 yards more than I used, but I have seven tops to hand sew the binding, I don't count stash out until that step is done so I think I'm pretty close to break even.  Refold/reorganize one section of stash each month has been great.  I find fabric I have forgotten and use it.  Lots of quilts have been finished this year and several of them have new homes.  I've learned a new very helpful phrase--Just One Thing--JOT.  Even if you don't think you have time or don't feel like it, do JOT.  Wind bobbins.  Rip the mistake you laid to the side.  Press the blocks you pieced.  JOT can be locating a pattern, doing math, or making lists.  JOT is a task that might take 15 minutes.  Its a great tool, its used a lot. 

My UFO's numbers have decreased, currently count 42, although I am sure there are more hiding.  

I've been limiting my internet time and sewing more.  Gauntlet Toss--A challenge to anyone to a quilting marathon.  My goal is 12 tops quilted by May 1st.  Tonight I finished #7.
Christmas was postponed due to 9" of snow.   The grandsons got nerf bullet guns, games, toys and new shirts.  They are young enough its great fun.  
Today Lorri2Rs is coming to sew for a few days.  We're going to work on lots of things, Alletaire is a mystery no longer and we can hardly wait to finish ours!
I'm planning pork, cabbage, and Hoppin' John for today.  All supposed to bring you good luck in the new year.  Do you have a special menu or tradition for today?  



Tired Teacher said...

Enjoy the time with your sewing buddy.

Love JOT and need to remember it.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Happy New Year, Lori!!

We had pork shops for dinner, so that should be 1/3 of the good luck shouldn't it? :)

JOT....a good term. I think we just get bogged down when we try to work on too much at one time. I'll try to remember it.

I've heard it said that what you do on New Year's day is how your year will go. So I've made a good dinner, loaded a quilt on the Premier, and after I have my coffee I'm going to do a little piecing. I've spent time on the computer and tonight I'm going to start a new book. If the saying is true I'll be doing all the things I like in 2016. :)

Enjoy the sewing time with Lori2Rs.

sunny said...

I haven't heard JOT before, but it's a good one. Your plans and guidelines sound very doable. Good luck in the new year!

Katie Z. said...

I love your plans even if I miss seeing you around the webs!

Sara said...

Happy New Year and hope you are enjoying the sewing time with your friend. Good goals for 2016. My UFO count is also down slightly from last year and I felt good about the number of things I managed to finish. If only I didn't have to go to work every day because it cuts into my "fun" time. Oh well - it also lets me keep spending money on quilting.