Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Progress

Saturday, January 9, 2016
January's color is blue--I made this blue block using the Missouri Star Pattern "4-Patch Stars"--

A very simple block and I'm using leftover 4 patches from several years ago in the center.  A few each month will yield a nice size quilt.  Please see what everyone is working on at SoScrappy.

Lorri2Rs was here for a visit.  Look what she did--

I'd sorted my leftover bits of batting by type and early one morning she sewed the scraps together into usable size batts--she even labeled them with the size!  Thank you Lorri!!  

Last year I made Monkey Wrench/9 Path blocks and I've gotten them set together--

The borders are made but not on--they are the striped fabric with a narrow blue strip.  

A completed quilt found a new home--

Cecely has graduated from college and will be moving to Nashville.  I was lucky to volunteer with Cecely, I am so going to miss her!  Cecely has worked three years for the Army Corps of Engineers as a Park Ranger while in college.  Lucky is the company who hires her!!  

The weather has turned COLD!  We have a little new snow but not much. Groceries were bought on Thursday and I plan to stay inside all weekend and sew.  Some peasant stew with lots of black eyed peas and kale sounds good.  Ken is a good sport and eats it but I will make him something he likes too.  He doesn't share my love of dried beans and green things!  Ken has one great food love--a burger.  

Has the new year brought you lots of sewing time?  Are you finishing any old projects?  Started any new ones?  How are your resolutions?



sunny said...

Wow! Could you please send Lorri to my house to piece my batting scraps together? I've barely started with my blue scraps. THere are three projects that I'm thinking of, but now that I've seen your star, I might reconsider. Enjoy your weekend of stitching!

Tired Teacher said...

Looks like you and Lorri have been sewing up a storm!

The four-patch star block is fabulous and will be a good scrap buster.

I think the quilt has found a good home. Good Luck to Cecely on her new adventures.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

This post is just chock full of good things. Thanks so much for sharing.

barbara woods said...

Great quilt

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I really like the four patch stars! The outer HSTs frame the scrappy middle so well!

Ivani said...

Beautiful 4 patch star for the RSC16
New Year is here but no more sewing/quilting time for me.
Happy Scrappy Saturday!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Cold is right! We have our annual Risinger Christmas gathering tomorrow at the Plainvew, NE senior center. The temp is supposed to make it all the way up to 23 after a low tonight of -9, but it will feel much colder with the wind chill. I'd really much rather stay home & sew, but I guess I'll have to drag myself out in the cold.

Love your 9patch Monkey Wrench top and your blue star block.

gayle said...

Mmmm... beans and greens...
That's a beautiful star!
And I love your monkey wrench/9patch quilt! Can't wait to see with the borders.

Sara said...

Tomorrow will be a good day to stay in and sew and watch some football . . . And do the mountain of laundry. But all of that is much better than venturing out in the cold. I was out running around most of today and it was bitter cold.

Love that star block with the 4-patches in the center. This will work great in any color combo.

Ellen said...

Pretty star block and a great way to use up those four patches.

Magpie Sue said...

That's a big star and will cover a lot of bed in a hurry! I would be smart to make some like that to use up my 2.5" squares. How exciting to almost have the Monkey Wrench top done. And what a blessing to have someone sew your batting scraps together to make bigger batts! I wonder if I can get my son to do that for me...?!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

4 patch stars is a favorite block of mine. Sometimes in my travels I only have scraps suitable for 16 patch. When I get to the USA, I buy backfrounds, sashing, borders, backings (ie yardage). And I like to give my quilts away too. I cringe to think how many quilts I have all in storage in Canada right now. I hope they are ok. But the ones I have give away, I know are being used and loved. Cheers! Evelyn

Katie Z. said...

You and Lorri should come visit me! Anyway, it was frigid last week, but this week is quite balmy by comparison!

Sheila said...

Beautiful quilt! Congratulations on a wonderful finish. A gift of love.
Sooooo nice of her to sew your batting scraps together, ready to go inside quilts.