Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, January 25, 2016
The design wall is full--

There are 90 Star Struck blocks made.  Its taking a little longer because I am "twirling" some intersections--

Every blue/blue, neutral/neutral, and red/white intersection has to be opened and twirled.  Not hard, just takes extra time, but it helps the blocks lay flatter.  

Notice I said "flatter"--my blocks are not completely flat and there will be some missing points!  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

My favorite machine is home from the spa--

Becca the 201 is my favorite piecing machine.  Chuckie the 15-91, Irene the 401a and Evelyn the 301 all pitched in but I am used to Becca.  I like where her light is positioned (in front) and I prefer her drop in bobbin.  She has a slightly bigger throat space and feeding through chain piecing is so easy with her.  She is fast and quiet and we are happy together.  

Its cold here, not frigid cold, just cold enough for this--

Ice cold beer in the snow on the deck.  Ahhh!  I am enjoying it as I type.  

Weekly Goals--

Quilt Easy Street (Lorri2Rs)
Star Struck to Flimsey stage
Simply Woven--1st step
Alletaire--reassess what I need to do
Mindless piecing (there is one of those on the fringe of the design wall)
Keep working on binding beside recliner

Perfect--an assortment of projects for the week.

Yesterday had a few interruptions.  Ken and a coworker were working on bathroom plumbing in spare bathroom.  They needed to use the access door which is in a closet where I store batting.  Egads--I practiced Superman moves--leaping rolls of batting in a single bound!  Since sewing was impossible while they were working I replaced the florescent light above my cutting table.  I think age had finally caught up with it (at least 50 years old) and I replaced it with an LED fixture.  Today we tackled the many sewing machines sitting around--4 went back into storage in the basement and two cabinets into storage.  The batting was sorted out and put back in closet.  I'll need to pull it all out again when they install the new bathtub fixtures.  Still 3 rolls of batting and an ironing board set up but I can live with that.

Stash Report--

Stash In--12.5 yards yds
Stash out--00.00 yds
Stash in YTD--15.25 yds
Stash out YTD--6.00 yds
Stash is ahead 9.25 yds!
2 one yard pieces of black prints (I'm low on blacks) and 4 yards of a focus print for a boy quilt. 6.5 yards of wide backing.  This week I also finished quilting the RWB Monkey Wrench/9 Patch and added it to the Happy Binding pile.  I only count stash out when its completely done but I'm happy with my numbers.  I save my binding for summer unless I am on a deadline.  I want to finish assemblying the Star Struck blocks so album blocks can go on the design wall. I NEED more finished tops to quilt, the Gauntlet Toss is always on my mind.  

I don't think I have lots of errands this week.  Bathtub fixtures and groceries but that's it.  

I watched a lot of Weather Channel this weekend.  The weather here was normal, no big storms.  Were you where there was lots of snow?  Did anyone lose power?  Did you do lots of sewing if you were housebound?  How about internet purchases??!!



Sara said...

Our snow this morning is very pretty but I'm guessing if the wind comes up it will be pretty nasty outside. We already had about 2" of new stuff by 8:00 am.

Lots of college basketball this weekend and not much sewing. I did play with some block arrangements for both my Saturday Sampler and for a quilt using the pine tree blocks I won on the guild bus trip. The layout planning is kind of fun but now I need to rip out a seam on my Saturday Sampler so I can change some things.

Charlene S said...

It got cold for South Louisiana but no snow yet. We usually get flurries around the end of January to middle of February. The good part is that it warms up to 60 by noon after being 20 all night. My studio and I have had lots of play time.

straythreads said...

love the quilt top! Its cold but not too cold here too.

Tired Teacher said...

The Star Struck blocks are going to make a stunning quilt! I "twirl" too when the cooperate. Points disappear on some of my quilts, too, and I've learned not to obsess about it. Frankly, I don't think anyone but picky quilters even notice.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Weather's pretty normal for January here too. The wind today with the little bit of snow caused some drifting. I hear our niece over by Mitchell got stuck in her driveway coming home today. Hope she had her shovel handy! :)

You're a busy bee as usual. I can't hope to keep up.

I just saved the picture of your Star Struck quilt-in-progress. Such a great inspiration for a QOV quilt. I do have some quilting in my future---3 QOV tops, the 2 for the twins and Hubby's cousin just called me Saturday about quilting 2 for her. The machine needs the exercise anyway. :)

Keep on stitchin' Lori and I'll try to do the same.