Binding wedding quilt and baking bread

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The wedding quilt is almost done. Two sides of the binding are sewn down. Ken helped me wrestle it around the sewing machine--much easier with two of us. You can see by the picture how big it is, even hand sewing the binding down is difficult. I have been baking, made a loaf of bread using mashed potatoes and an egg, it smells heavenly, I can hardly wait for it to cool so I can try it. My mother's bread recipe used cooked potatoes and potato water, so I hope mine tastes like hers. There must be something in the weather, it snowed last night and is cold again, and people are baking.


Henrietta said...

I know you said it was big but this is beyond just big! Sheesh.

Reminds me of the wall-to-wall log cabin swap.

Mary Johnson said...

Have you ever put binding on on the longarm? I don't usually but I have with some larger quilts and some for Mom. The Premier doesn't have as much throat space so I haven't done it with it because I'd have to roll more frequently than I want to but my sister does all the time.

Jeanne said...

The wedding quilt is almost there! It is beautiful. The bread looks so good. I can almost smell it here. *S*