Sewing Again!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

After a few days off I am back sewing. Tonight I finished the QOV. I like Strippie Quilts, and especially this one with the border fabric going around the edges. I also worked on some string blocks last night, I now have 48 of a more "masculine" type block done. I like my blocks bright and cheery--maybe even a bit on the "wild" side, so these were really HARD to make. More homespuns, plaids, stripes in darker blues and browns. A few wild fabrics thrown in (now I couldn't quit cold turkey!) Next I want to try the fleece backing. Not sure how much I will get done between now and Easter, I am hosting a small Sunday supper.


SueR said...

I like the idea of these strippies--quick and easy. Pat at Bell Creek Quilts just put together a couple of these too, and I really liked them. Add one more thing to the list of 10,000 quilts I want to do!

Pat said...

I like the strippie quilt for QOV when you add the brings it right up to size. what type of machine do you quilt with? and I am trying to remember to 'breathe' every now and again!

mereth said...

Hmm, I'm not a 'wild' person at all but we're all different aren't we? I like the strippie quilt, easy but still effective.