Friday, March 28, 2008

Have I told you how wonderful my husband is?? A very caring, sharing man. He shared his germs with me! Ugh, two days of not feeling so well and no sewing. But we're recovered now, today we went to a Home, Ranch and Garden show near us. Things to see, door prizes to sign up for. A local group had a quilting booth. Then we went to Fort Randall Casino to eat lunch and ran into some old friends. My oldest sister went with us, it was quite fun. And we took Ruby the quilting dog, she loves to go. Well, it's hard to leave without her, as soon as she sees us getting ready, she waits by the back door, her eyes GLUED to us. (Just in case we slip out the front door.)


Mary Johnson said...

My husband was just as kind but I seem to have trouble getting rid of his germs!

Kim said...

Look at that cute quilt'in dog! :O)