Pleasant Surprise

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I finished quilting the cheater panel with the fleece for backing, and it went GREAT! I used a more open type pantograph, but now can see I could have used a more densely quilted one. Too dense and I think the fleece would get stiff. I used a King Tut variegated thread and Thinsulate for batting. With the fleece on top I could watch for stretching or puckers. I will be using fleece more often, it will be a very cozy quilt.


Mary Johnson said...

I'm glad it went well - now you're ready for the quilt and you know what to expect.

SueR said...

What a sweet quilt! Thanks for sharing what you used for thread and batting with the fleece. I'm taking notes from the blogs about longarming!

Ruthie said...

What a great idea to put the fleece on top. I did one with minkee on the bottom and worried the whole way through, but it worked just fine.