Saturday, March 1, 2008

12pm. The chicken is in the oven, I've had my coffee and raisin bran, new needle in my machine. Time to thread her and start the cd's playing quilting music! I'll be updating periodically.

4pm. I think I need zippier music, going to change to some Rockin' 70's. The quilting is going slow--but then it's a BIG quilt. So far I've been pleasantly surprised. I put this quilt together in bits and pieces, at home and while camping, on a couple of different machines. And it's still pretty flat and even. So far! Sister called--"don't forget tomorrow is dad's birthday. (he'll be 88 yo) Stopped to make out a short grocery list for DH, (making my dad his favorite pie) and check my chicken. Threw in another load of laundry. As I walked past my puzzle--fit a few more pieces in. So I guess I am getting something done!

10pm. Whew! The sticky chicken was excellent. One more pass on the quilt and I will be halfway. Will work more on it tomorrow and hopefully will get the quilting done. Hope everyone is having fun--I have been reading everyone's posts!