Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, September 21, 2008
No Stash in, but I did have some finishes. The Corn and Beans table topper took about 7 yards, and the baby Slide Show took about another 6. I have the 2nd Slide Show Top loaded.

My house is almost completely scraped, one short end left. I would like to quilt the 2nd slide show, then try and scrape the short end of the house. Trim some Wisteria and a Trumpet Vine I want to move. Can't paint with them waving around anyway! Even though I didn't finish everything on my list, it's been a good week! The weather has been fantastic. Ken helped me scrape on the house, poor man, he took lots of pain killer and stayed off the ladders!


JuJu said...

Lori, another colorful quilt! Ken's not had that tooth pulled, yet? Poor guy! Hug him a hug from Nebraska!!

Katie Z. said...

I'm so glad I don't have to scrape and paint my house this year. It would never be done! I really like the quilts.

Mary Johnson said...

Love the Slideshow quilt! I told Keith tonight that I need to hang a quilt in my longarm room to dress it up and I need to add lighting - it's just too dark.

Randi said...

Finishing feels good, doesn't it!? Love the quilts...Hope all goes well for your DH at the oral surgeon.