Tired on Saturday

Saturday, September 13, 2008
Ken and I are home again, spent last night unpacking (remember how full my car was?). Luckily he brought the pickup when he drove up--could put lots of things in it for the ride home. We've spent the day sorting and putting stuff away, I've been gone off and on since June, and this last time was almost a month without ever coming home! I went thru "things" (Ick!!) in the fridge, THAT was a nasty chore! And then when I turned on my home computer it wouldn't connect to the internet. Whine Whine! And since my little laptop connects just fine, I will have to take my home PC into the computer Dr. We have lots of things to get done before winter, I would like to paint my house another coat (thank heavens it's a plain white) before winter.

Being home is nice, had Ken's favorite meal of potatoes on the grill, burgers with homegrown tomatoes, muskmelon. And a pan of brownies. Now I'm off to find some M&M's, I found these new mocha flavored ones.......