Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
The new family is off for a lab appointment and a few other dr. type things. I am left home to drink my coffee (yeah--like that's a hardship!~) Ken has called and is getting ready to come here, checking to see if I need any last minute items. I was still asleep when he called, luckily I had made a list the night before and could just read it off.

Yesterday was Laura Beth and Nick's 2nd wedding anniversary and I talked them into going out. Without Mason. So they did a few errands, came home fed Mason, and then went out to eat. They thought it felt good just to get out and look at different scenery for a while. And since they were "cleaned up" we took a family photo.

Mason and I had a tough evening, he slept, I read, cruised the internet, watched a movie, and when he was a little fussy I sang and cuddled him. Luckily, he's not too fussy what I sing! I can remember the words to patriotic songs, Christmas songs, and a few hymns! And some silly nursery stuff. What do you sing??

We are going to eat leftovers until supper, I found a chicken recipe on the internet to try. If it's a "keeper" I print the recipe out for Laura Beth. I off to iron some more scrap happy pieces, do some laundry, and maybe watch the movie again.


Pat said...

I sang 'Rock-a-bye Baby' to DS and 'Are You Sleeping?' to DD. I still occasionally asked to sing to DD but the lullabye puts us both to sleep! I yawn my way through the verses :)

SueR said...

We always used to sing to the kids that song that goes, if that mockingbird don't sing, mama's going to buy you a diamond ring... I can't even remember how it goes anymore. What a sweet little one he is! Congratulations Lori!