Thursday, September 11, 2008
A bit rainy here, looks more like fall. But Granpa drove up, and I think he and Mason like each other.

And here is how Granpa babysits, he is teaching Mason all his tricks!

I got up this morning, Granpa was babysitting Mason again this morning, everyone else was sleeping! LOL--I know he LIKES to hold Mason while he's sleeping. Not sure what the plans for today are. Ruby the quilting dog needs food, and Shamus (my bird) needs food too. Maybe the humans will go out to eat.


Susan said...

LOL! Those are great pictures!

I'm in South Dakota every summer - up in Lemmon, in the northwest, a mile from the ND border. 25 miles from Dakota Cabin Quilts in Hettinger - one of my favorites!

We'll leave in a couple of weeks and be back again next May.

SueR said...

What a tiny little baby! If you haven't been around babies for a while, you forget. That's a cute photo.

Unknown said...

Sleep training ... very important. Looks like Poppa has learned it well ...