Thursday Mumblings

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Well, I'm stiff and sore today. Spent the last few days cutting and folding. I have enough bricks cut for 3 Bricks and Stepping Stones tops. Noodles to make at least 2 Scrappy Bargello tops. Lots of centers for Heartstrings blocks. And strings--well, that pile is pretty high.

I still have lots more to cut up, but it's looking better. This winter when I can't go outside, I can work with all these precut pieces into donation quilts. Ahhh--feels good! Tonight I want to sort thru my baskets, throw out all those pieces too little to use. I'm feeling "nesty", and I'm too OLD to be nesting!


Mary Johnson said...

I keep thinking I'm going to make one of Bonnie's bargello quilts for my youngest son. He'd like the *real* thing but I'd like the easier version that Bonnie does.

Sweet P said...

Maybe you're nesting for the new grandchild. That's what I've been doing the last few days.

JuJu said...

Hey Lori, what about that new deck, sitting out there enjoying a good book and a glass of tea? I think you need a day of rest and relaxing!! Too much work makes for a ole lady! I'm just teasing!!

Stephanie D said...

Nah, no one's too old for nesting. I said sort of the same thing in a post almost one year ago--that it is probably genetic memory, from when our ancestors had to spend the winter in caves. This time of year always makes me want to reread that series of books--Clan of the Cave Bear, and its sequels.

Here's the post if you want to check it out:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
Thankyou for wonderfull comment on my blog, I got the pattern from Jan (on my blog list) it was called craker but i have seen some designs that do sometimes have diffrent names to them maybe it is called something else,
You have a wonderfull blog, like the idea of cutting up loads for a day when weather not so good,
Take care

Henrietta said...

I am stiff and sore too but we got all the toe-plates drilled into the concrete. Tomorrow we frame. By tomorrow night I will be on hands and knees unable to reach the keyboard.

MightyMom said...

well now, hello and thanks for stopping by my place! please come on back!!

I love all your quilts!

I'm also working my way through my stash...sssllllooowwwwlllyyyyyyyy.

But I just refuse to buy more fabric right now!

I still have many many things on my to do list. your quilt that's 10 years old and just got finished made me smile. I haven't finished the FIRST quilt I ever started. It's all together in a plastic bin....That was 8 years ago!

mereth said...

Must be the seasons exerting their influence. I'm feeling all 'spring cleany' and want to sort through everything! I started with Keryn's scraps and leftovers containers, they're really bugging me.She just lets me go and I'm having a wonderful time, tidying and cutting and arranging things in stacks. Her cutting table looks like yours.Now to get stuck into My sewing room!

Pat said...

Maybe it's LB's and Mason influence on you making you 'feel nest-y' but won't it be great to be able to 'grab and sew' this winter :)

Hope the sore-ness eases as you 'work out' those kinks :)