Monday Goals

Monday, March 2, 2009
It's going to be a busy week, so I've been trying to get in all the sewing I can! Finished quilting the top that was on the long arm, and put another top on tonight. Wound my bobbins, I'm ready to go. I finished my pink Jacob's ladder top, and even made the binding for it. Now I just have to piece a back. Pieced the backing for my Christmas Courthouse steps. And made the binding for top I just took off the machine.

Here are two tops ready for binding, three sets of binding ready to go, and Mia's Wonky Stars top is ready to quilt. Whew!

And it that wasn't enough to stay busy, Ken and I cleaned our closet and sorted out some clothes we weren't wearing. We also cleaned some drawers. Ugh Hate those jobs!

No goals for this week, Laura Beth and family are coming home to baptize Mason, and I have to cook for the reception after the baptism. But in between I am going to work on quilting the Wonky Stars and if I have time I will sew some binding on. I think my goal should be to survive the week!


MightyMom said...


have fun and take LOTS of pictures!!

Pat said...

Looks like you have made up for lost time! wow! glad the new bobbin case iw working :)

Enjoy the time with your family :)

Kathie said...

I am with you on no goals for this week. Some weeks are just to busy.


Stephanie D said...

I think surviving rates as a goal!

Becky said...

Enjoy your time with Laura Beth and Mason. What a special week! You've accomplished lots inspite of having machine trouble. Take care!