Monday Goals

Monday, March 30, 2009
We're still in Mankato, and may be here a few days. Back in SD parts of the interstate are closed, and they are predicting rain turning to snow and zero visibility. 6 to 12 inches of snow. So we will not go home until we are sure there are good driving conditions.

But I will make my goals and see how far I get.

  1. Quilt the Christmas Courthouse Steps and bind it
  2. Load another top
  3. Put borders on Bear in the Farmhouse Quilt

We have been out shopping a little, I stopped at an antique/junk place. Most the little neat shops downtown are closed on Monday. Well, not the tattoo place, but didn't really have time to stop there!

Which raises the question---do you have a tattoo? Of what? Do you have more than one? I don't have a tattoo, but would love to get the cartoon character Woodstock on my leg. In color!


Elaine Adair said...

Wow - stay safe girl! It's blowing like a banshee here in western Nebraska but only a bit of snow. Roads are treacherous this evening - turned black icy!

Tattoo? None, but I DO like that advertisement with an adult woman showing off her quilt block tattoo! I would be tempted to do that.

SueR said...

Thankfully we did not get your snow system here, just some rain, a very gray day here. Tattoo? No way... but if I got one, I liked the one on one quilter's breast that said "Born to quilt"!

How cute is that picture of Mason?! He's grown.

pdudgeon said...

no snow here either, but a nice balmy 65 degrees and rain expected for tomorrow.i don't blame you for staying a few extra days. I wouldn't go back into that weather either!

and no tatoos, but i do admire the nice large gothic cross that Abby from "NCIS" has on her back.

Katie Z. said...

Please don't travel until it's really safe! I don't want to be worried.

I do not have a tattoo. I'd probably regret whatever it is I got, and then I'd be stuck with it or a big bill to get it removed!

Becky said...

Well, I want most things that I see on quilting blogs, but not a tatoo. But, I say go for it! Woodstock would suit you perfectly.

Glad that you are staying to visit with LB and Mason. Cold weather is wonderful cuddling time.

Take care!

Donna said...

Good idea not to travel until you're sure it's safe.

And no, I don't have a tattoo.

MightyMom said...

nope nada, never. hubby has one from the sub service on his right forearm.

me? uh-huh. seen too many folks get too many diseases from tatoos.

(there's no such thing as "sterile" unless they change the INK store each time along with everything else.......)