Motivation Friday

Friday, March 27, 2009
I met my only goal on Monday, I loaded the Christmas Courthouse steps. Then I was bored and pulled out fabric to cut a quilt out of my new books. I even sewed most the strips together in between loads of laundry.

We also did errands this week, the car's oil was changed and tires rotated, I made two batches of cookie dough to take to LB's and bake while I'm there. Something about the smell of fresh baked cookies....

Sharon and I arrived at Laura Beth's and Nick's at suppertime. Mason is not feeling well, he got childhood immunizations on Thursday, and he's cranky and irritable. We're all feeling bad for him, he's usually such a sunny child.

He's not getting very far from Mom at the moment! Mom is tired and didn't have much sleep last night, and I know she wishes Mason would like one of us for a while. Tomorrow will be better.

I told Becky that I have to have fresh perked coffee every day before anything else happens. At least one cup if not two!! No asking me questions before then. And she wanted to know what kind of coffee pot I have. Hmm--many, I collect old coffee pots. This is one I keep at Laura Beth's and Nick's, it's an old Mirro. I think the one I use at home is a Mirro also, but it's much bigger. And I have a REALLY BIG one for when I have company!!

Mason is having a bath, and pretty soon will go to bed. I suppose we should too, he will probably be up before we are!


Stephanie D said...

Awww, poor little guy! I get irritable and cranky when I get shots, too!

I haven't had perked coffee since, gosh, must have been a teenager!

Henrietta said...

Yes it is a Mirro.

Mary Johnson said...

We have a single brew machine for coffee and tea and it died this week...I've got another ordered but it won't arrive until Monday or Tues so I'm missing my tea -- especially during these nights I've been up.

Enjoy your visit - hopefully Mason will feel better tomorrow.

Nancy said...

I like perked coffee, too. I remember listening for the first perk and hurrying to turn down the burner. I haven't owned a perk pot for years. Thanks for the memories.

Perked coffee AND cookies? I'd be in heaven.

JuJu said...

We must be related ... don't talk to me before I've had my morning coffee! LOLOL My parents had a pot like yours ... remember it well. We just have a Mr. Coffee machine! Hope Mason is feeling better by now!! Have fun!

MightyMom said...

hubby's taken to grinding his own beans lately....maybe I should get him a percolator for our anniv...where do you find them and how do you know you're getting a good one??