Monday Goals

Monday, March 23, 2009

I was able to make two out of three goals last week, so it was okay. Never got to the pink/cream top, but that is high on the list today. I finished the last four Bear in the Farmhouse blocks, and made binding for the Christmas Courthouse steps. This week will be a short week, I leave Friday for Mankato to see Laura Beth, Nick, and steal babysit Mason. I know one of my sisters is going with me, and am hoping the other one does too. So can't have very many goals!

  1. Load a quilt

Yup, one lonely goal! If I get time, I can quilt on that quilt, but I have so many other "non-quilty" things going this week it would be tough. Things like a dentist appointment, a hair appointment, have the oil changed in the car. And pack. But I am looking forward to baby snuggles and kisses!


pdudgeon said...

i like that list! your week sounds exciting and has lots of things to look forward to.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Hope you have a great time. Enjoy that cute little Mason.
1 goal on the list. That sounds about right. I've been know to not even accomplish that much.

MightyMom said...


Jeanne said...

Have a wonderful visit! Give Mason a cuddle for me.

Stephanie D said...

The fact that you have even one thing on your quilty goal list on a week like this is beyond me! lol