Thursday Find!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I was checking my blogs (can't miss anything you know!) and look what I found!

My quilt is there and hanging in the sunshine. Tia has received enough blocks to make almost 60 quilts, but I am SURE she would welcome more if you sent her some.

Tia has both a US mailing address, and an Australian one, you can find them here. I wish I could be there sewing with them! Hey, I wish I could be just about anywhere it was warm and the sun was shining!


Stephanie D said...

No sunshiny warm air down here. It began getting cloudy and cooler on Tues. night, and yesterday stayed foggy and chilly all day. It's foggy again this morning and we're due for more rain until Sunday. Good sewing weather, though!

Vicki W said...

How nice! We aren't having any sunshine in Va either - just cold rain today.

Nancy said...

What a treat to see your quilt featured on the blog.

It's snowy and windy here in Wyoming again. I would prefer to have rain, but will take any moisture at this point.

JuJu said...

Beautiful quilt!! Be proud woman!!
Nice weather here in eastern NE, 40ish, sunny but windy. NO snow!!

Pat said...

Hurray! Your quilt and blocks have made a successful journey half way across the world! That is fantastic :)

MightyMom said...

tis raining right now...65ish

simply beautiful weather!