Motivation Friday

Friday, August 7, 2009
Yes, I've been able to sew this week. Ahhh. The weather was beautiful the other evening, so I took my sewing outside.

In the evenings if it's not hot or windy, sewing outside is great. Lots of room to spread out, and the threads can fall on the ground! I have gotten over half my blocks sewn together into pairs, it goes fast if I stay off the PHONE!! And if you wonder what I see when I'm outside--here's my view.

The little white bag you see "suspended" in midair is actually a finch feeder hanging from a long fishing pole. I often see finches eating from it, both purple and the gold ones.

This is another view from my picnic table, the camping spots are quite high, and I look over into the tops of the trees. Each camping spot is huge, and has a picnic table (or more if you'd like them), full hookups and a fire ring. We also have our own picnic shelter that all the campers share (all 4 of us!) LOL I see deer, turkeys, and all other sorts of wildlife walking across my campsite. We are quite secluded, you can't "see" into the camping area from the road, so no one drives through. Although it looks like we are miles from anyone when you are there, I am about six blocks from the Visitor Center!


Sue H said...

Sewing outside -- I love it!!! We have had an air-conditioned summer, weather wise. Your view is lovely.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Lovely spot to sit and sew. How's the eye?

Brenda said...

I LOVE sewing outside!! And your view is beautiful!!! That is a wounderful relaxing way to spend the day with your creative self and I definitly approve!! I am so going to find myself a place like that!!! Beautiful!!!
I am working on a blk right now that is making me crazy!! And it's not done, but has to be by Tuesday!! So I will keep at it and get it done.
that looks, no, is a beautiful spot to be spending your days at!! Enjoy every one of them and have yourself a great weekend!!!

Stephanie D said...

What a lovely view when you look up from your sewing! That's why, awkward as it may seem, I put my sewing machine in front of the window. I have to make sure the windowsill stays clean for when my quilts fall over there, and it's hard to sew big items there, but being able to look outside at green and trees and critters is worth it.

Unknown said...

Love your sewing room. Hope your eye is better

MightyMom said...

i wanna see that sewing machine up close!

are you sure it's a REAL sewing machine? it looks like a toy!!


was gonna call you all week....but it was either 8AM or 3AM and I figured neither was a good time to call.

MightyMom said...

oh, do you have a good rocker I can sit and quilt in??

Anonymous said...

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kate said...

Lori, which campground do you stay at?