Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
I'm glad I'm not volunteering for a few days. I had a run in with a buffalo gnat, and although he "lost the battle", he did bite me first, and my right eye is swollen almost completely shut! I look like I've been in a bar room brawl. If it doesn't get better soon, I will have to see a Dr. I've been using antihistimine eye drops, and although that controls most the itching, the eye is still very swollen. That little devil snuck up on me while I was napping, er, reading in my lawn chair. I think I will avoid most public places for a few days! LOL Hopefully it will not affect my reading or sewing.

And if you think I'm not reading your blogs, I am, but replying via the camper connection is almost impossible. I have been using a wireless hot spot the last few days. It's the only thing I miss from home! (Well, I miss Ken!!) Okay, that makes two things from home! teehee! But I hope he has time to come and camp with me on his days off this week, I can usually work my schedule around his days off. I share volunteering with another couple, and we work out our schedules between the two of us, and it works out very well. Thanks Toni and Eddie!!


pdudgeon said...

oh my! i hope your eye gets better soon. bad knat, bad knat!

Vicki W said...

and you are not going to share a photo??????

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

That sounds nasty! I'd never heard of a buffalo gnat so I had to look it up. We have deer flies up the wazoo.

Hope the swelling goes down soon!

Mary-Kay said...

Well at least it's not a golf club like my niece. Lots of cold compresses are in order.Wrap an ice cube in a face cloth and put that on your eye and it really helps to reduce the swelling. I used this method when I had an eye infection and it gave me great relief. And I would like to see a picture too!

Brenda said...

I have not been blogging lately, but I am sure glad you can still keep up with 'normal' things with your swollen eye!!! Now I am going to have to go see if I can sew a straigh line with one eye shut to get a feel for how it's going for you!! I am really sorry that you got bit, but I am glad you have something to help with the itching!! That is the worst part, the constant wanting to scratch, when you know you shouldn't!!
here is to being able to see again real soon, and hey, go out, and make sure you let the know - the other guy got the worst of it!! ;-)

Sweet P said...

Ouch! I hope your eye is better soon.

Unknown said...

Sounds painful, hope it is better soon.

Stephanie D said...

Hope that eye is better soon!

Something bit me at the corner of my eye socket a couple of weeks ago and despite my taking Ibuprofen and slapping benadryl cream on it right away, it swelled almost shut before morning. Took a couple of days before all the swelling went away. I have no idea what it was that bit me, and didn't feel it bite, but dang!--I hope it doesn't hang around here.

MightyMom said...

goodness. well I hope you're feeling better by now!

Anonymous said...

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