Thursday Mumblings

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Monday I did make it to Orchard to sew. Met many nice ladies, they all remind me of my relatives! Right now I'm home for a few days, catching up on "stuff" around here. You know, laundry, dishes, that sort of "stuff". I should mow, we would like to go to an auction tonight, and I still need to fit in a trip to Sioux Falls, but that may have to wait until next week.

I've sewn a few more 9 patches, plan to press my D9P blocks and lay out the Bricks and Stepping Stones. I need a few more 4 patches for the bricks and stepping stones, but I am out of black and white fabric, it will have to wait until I buy a bit more.

But my garden did recover enough that I have had a few tomatoes to eat. Funny how such a little thing makes everything seem better!


Brenda said...

I love them!!! I agree, when you are feeling, well, kinda blah.... when you go to the garden, or in my case, out to the containers - and see they plants have things on them ready to be picked!!! You just feel - me anyway, like laughing!!
I hope you do get to the falls. Have a great time home puttering around and just being home for a bit!!!
I am glad you have gotten some work done on your blks. And that you met some great ladies - that is always nice!!

Have a super great day, and keep the energy up!! Today, I am busy in the kitchen (well, after I stop putting it off and get off the computer I mean!! )
Bye for now!!

pdudgeon said...

so glad to see that your hail out wasn't a total disaster. those tomatoes look great!

JuJu said...

Hmm those tomatoes look good! That's one thing I miss since we no longer have a garden!! But next year, I'm planning on some patio tomato plants! Have a happy Friday!

Stephanie D said...

Did you get any word from the insurance people yet?

I love fresh tomatoes--nothing better than a tomato sandwich!

MightyMom said...

ahh well a tomato is almost as good a chocolate!!


wow, you're actually SEWING.....amazing.