Motivation Friday

Friday, August 21, 2009
It's a perfect day today, cool, about 69 degrees out, and slightly overcast. My windows are open, and I am enjoying it!

I've gotten a lot done this week. I did errands, played a day with Sally, and even sewed and pressed a large pile of blocks! I do sleep under quilts in my camper, I have a couple of my favorites here. First is my Christmas chinese coins quilt. I had a large stash of old Christmas prints I had inherited from my mother, grandmother, and CARING friends! This is the 3rd, and last quilt I made from them. It actually started out as potholders, and it grew into a queen size quilt. I backed it with a TOT blue flannel, and it has become a "using" quilt. I have very few non-using quilts at my house, most of them get put on a bed at one time or another! Or hung on my walls!

Another quilt I keep here is a bricks and stepping stones quilt. I love the pattern, most of the blocks were received in an international swap. I backed it with fleece, and its very cuddly and comforting. Think rainy days and books!

And MightyMom asked for pictures of some blocks, proof that I had been sewing! So here are the bricks and stepping stones blocks I have been working on.

I am out of 4 patches, I had been sewing the "bricks" to the "stepping stones". That pile doesn't look very big, but there are at least 500+ bricks in it, enough to make 3 bed size quilts! I haven't made a dent in my stash cubes. I have been pulling out any piece of fabric that was 9" or smaller and cutting it into usable pieces. Some of those little odds and ends had been there for years! I love scrap quilts. I only cut into 5" nickel squares, 2.5" noodles, or 3.5x6.5" bricks. Those are the sizes I use the most, and I have stacking baskets just for that. Some of the bits get throw into my string basket too.

I hope you all have wonderful weather wherever you live, and have a great weekend! I plan to!


MightyMom said...

love those quilts!!

Tins and Treasures said...

The weather is wonderful here...but then, I wouldn't know cause I have been in the school theatre for two days!! Have a great weekend. ~Natalie

Stephanie D said...

Thanks for the quilt show! I like the stepping stones and bricks pattern--looks like a great way to use up some of the scraps that keep multiplying around here.

Unknown said...

Love all of your quilts. I have the one of the stepping stone quilts in progress, some friends and I did a swap. Enjoy the nice weather.