Riverboat Days

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Today was the parade for Riverboat Days, and although I staff the Visitor Center while the rest of the Corps staff do the float, I participate in spirit! Mardi Gras was the theme, and we had beads, crowns, and masks. I wore my beads and crown all day, but the mask had feathers that were around my nose and TICKLED! I even wore my crown and beads when I got off and met my sisters and Ken. Ken rolled his eyes, my 30 yo nephew wanted my crown, and my sister wanted the beads!

All the visitors laughed when they came in, and asked if I was the "queen for the day"!! The weather was perfect, it was a great time.


Stephanie D said...

What fun! And hurray for the photo!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You look very festive, Queen Lori!!!

My DS & DDIL are there this weekend. Warren took his green station wagon to the car show bright and early this morning. I went one year, it was hot & humid. It took me about an hour to look at the cars, another hour to walk through the booths and then I wished I was home with my fabric & sewing machine, so that's where I am today. How much sewing gets done is anybody's guess though. LOL

JuJu said...

You are Queen for a Day!!

Brenda said...

You should have said "Queen for the Day??? No, no not for the DAY!!! I'm queen everyday, but I just thought today I would wear my crown!!!"

That sounds like a fun time!

MightyMom said...

I want the crown...and the beads!! and hey! where's the pick of the mask??

Elaine Adair said...

Well, there you are! After all these months blogging back and forth, your photo! Thanks - you're looking very cheerful!

OK, now I see the potholder quilt! LOL - a great use of the Christmas pieces. I'll bet you're relived to have that done with and ending up with a using-quilt!

LOVE the bricks and stepping stones. Those little black/white 4-patches sure give it character.