Monday Goals

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday again, and no finishes in sight. Finishes are what I will work on when I am not camping! I worked on last week goals, sewed sashings on most my 9 patches, made some more 9 patches, and worked on my Bricks and Stepping Stones. Today I sewed on some new blocks--string blocks--the pattern is called Sonja's Windows. And I sewed some navy blue/white stepping stones blocks together. Next week my goals will be--

  1. Continue to work on navy blue/white stepping stones until they are in "rows"
  2. Sew more strips on "Sonja's Windows"

I am hoping to get in a shopping trip, I have a COUPON and would like to try making one of those quilts, I think the name is "four patch stacked posies". I checked my stash, and I haven't a fabric that will work.


MightyMom said...

uh-huh, I heard that!

coupon....gotta start this brand new project.....lo and behold nothing I have will work!!!

you're in DTs girl!!


MightyMom said...

haha, word verification for that earlier comment was "hersin" ahem.

Stephanie D said...

You've been mighty busy not to have reduced your stash any! lol