Monday Goals

Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to think about goals for the week.  Last week I did so-so.  No pillowcases were made, and I've been sewing the 9 patch rows together, but it's not a top yet.  

  1. Quilt Pink baby top (did get this loaded)
  2. Make two pillowcases
  3. Add border to blue top
  4. Pick borders for red/white stepping stones top
  5. Piece backing for Japanese Royalty top

Okay, I have some variety on my goals.  The one thing I've been able to do this week is NAP.  The weather has been very cold, with blowing snow and closed roads.  Lots of cancellations in schools etc.  Ken even got stuck parking in front of the house with the pickup, had to use the snowblower and shovel.  It's icy underneath, no traction for the 4 wheel drive.  The snowbank outside is now about 4 inches HIGHER than the floor of my deck. 

Already summer plans are being made, there are three weddings so far.  This summer I will start volunteering in April and will be giving tours of the dam/powerplant to school groups.  I think that will be fun.  

Tomorrow I need to run errands, I hope the roads are better and it warms up.  Hey, I will be happy if the wind dies down!  

What do you have planned for the week??


Katie Z. said...

Napping is good in the winter. Isn't that part of the point of winter - catch up on all that sleep we miss in the summer time because we're busy doing things? I hope you don't have any more snow for a little while, at least! That snow with ice underneath is a beast!

Mary-Kay said...

Ever since I started working out(playing with the WII), I haven't had time to take a nap. but I would love to start. Maybe I've got more energy. Right! This week I hope to get at least one of these darn baby quilts done. And hopefully we don't get any more snow and this stuff we have starts to melt.

Mary Johnson said...

Errands yesterday, cleaning today. Neither one much fun but I'm getting ready for the boys to visit on Thursday so worth it.

I see the progress on the 9 patch.