Motivation Friday

Friday, February 5, 2010

Time to check on how I've spent the week.  Well, I know I took at least three naps! 

I've wandered off the path a bit, but still making progress.  I have the Japanese Royalty top for Rosewillow's challenge together.  I have a small green edge to add, and then it will be ready to quilt.

I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with it yet, I have a tendency to like my quilts symmetrical, and this is not.  But I do like how all the people are grouped and chatting-they have a very cozy feel to them. I pulled the red/white bricks off the wall to take this picture, next I put up these 9 patches.  The sashings were made ages ago, and I was tired of working around them and watching them get wrinkled! Now the rows are ready to be sewn together--and a new top will be done.  Another UFO getting closer to a finish.

There is no planning to this top, these were some blocks I found in my sewing room from a long ago swap.  The sashing is a light apricot fabric.  I usually use white, off-white, tan--those safe colors--so this is a step out of my comfort zone.  I also offset the 9 patches--another new step to try!  It's going to be a large quilt, right now it's about 95x105".  There is a lot of it hanging on the floor you can't see!   I think there are 86 nine patches.

Yes, I've wandered off from my goals a bit, but I'm still making forward progress!


Kathie said...

I like the oriental quilt, very different.

kathie L.

Nancy said...

Something seemed off to me on your recent quilt, too. Then, I checked the previous post that has the pattern photo. Are you sure you have the block placement right?

Mary-Kay said...

Are you trying to make us all look bad? Your challenge quilt is ready to be quilted. No wonder you needed 2 naps. You probably stayed up all night to get it done. By the way, it looks great. Once it's all sewed together it really changes the appearance of the fabric. Great job!

Brenda said...

I went and looked at the last post too, and the blocks there seem to flow down the the quilt, but having said that - I like the way your blocks look in the quilt at the top.
And I like the UFO one too!!! And you did all this and had time for 3 naps too!!!
You are doing fantastic!!! Give yourself a huge hug, then go for a massage and then, get your pen out and make your goals list for next week!! And, make sure you add an extra nap in there too!!
Can you imagine what you would get done with another nap thrown in??? lol!!

Tamera said...


If you look at the quilt behind the main one on the BQ2 pattern, you'll see that there is more than one way to set this quilt, right, Lori?

I like it random like that. It does look like the people are just chatting in little groups, lol.

I also LOVE the way that you're stepping outside your comfort zone. It's SO good for us to do that, isn't it?

MightyMom said...

hup two three four.

no wandering allowed.

Tanya said...

Beautiful colors that shimmer in that Japanese Royalty fabric. It has a different feel when looked at from afar doesn't it?