Motivation Friday

Friday, February 12, 2010

Time to check in.  #2--I've started to sew the rows of 9 patches together  #3--I've sewn the green strips around the Japanese Royalty top  #4--The blue blocks are now a top.  

A small blue border I think will finish this top, it's about 60x70" now.  

#5--The baby blocks are sewn together too.  

The blue blocks top and the pink blocks were made from my noodle basket.  Hasn't made much of a dent in it!  But I enjoy working with them.  After all, isn't quilting supposed to be FUN??!!

Tonight we are going to a late Christmas party, it was rescheduled due to a blizzard.  

I have been watching the weather/news and thinking about everyone on the east coast and the snow.  Even close to us, the snow built up along residential areas are hampering ambulance and fire departments.  And I hope everyone has the slow melt predicted.  

I plan to keep plodding away on my goals this weekend.  Maybe next week I can get some quilting time in! 


Darlene said...

Love both quilts, but especially the pink one. Makes me think Spring!!!

Brenda said...

I love those quilts!! I have never even thought of making one like the blue one, to much white space, but they sure are pretty aren't they?? Hmmmm...

I think you are doing fantatic with your goals and what you get done!!

Pattilou said...

Love your quilts. Haven't visited your blog for awhile. Looks like you're getting lots of projects completed.

Kim said...

Looks like you are meeting some goals just beautifully! I especially love the blue and white quilt.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Love that top quilt!!

MightyMom said...

so THAT'S where you've been! at the sewing machine!!!

good sewing there dear...but I've missed your emails!

did you see all our SNOW???

Stephanie D said...

The blue one reminds me of something computerish--like binary chains or something. I really like it!