Motivation Friday

Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to check on my goals.  I haven't quilted the pink baby top, I plan to work on that this weekend.  No pillowcases yet, still on my list.  The borders are on the blue top.  I put a border on the red/white stepping stones.  I pieced the a backing for the Japanese Royalty top.  

I pieced a backing for the red/white stepping stones, and the blue top.  I pulled all these borders and backing from stash.  In checking around my sewing area I have 4 tops with backings ready to quilt, 2 tops that need backings, and 4 tops that have backings that need piecing.  And I know I have more tops that are close to being finished.  I love to piece, but think I better concentrate on quilting for a bit. 

So although these aren't finishes yet, I'm very happy with the progress I've made.  It feels good to fold the backings and tops together and hang them in the closet. 

Do you have any weekend plans??  Nothing special planned here but more sewing!


pdudgeon said...

no realy big plans.
I went to Lowe's today and bought two 3-drawer plastic cabinets. i was looking for sterilite cabinets but apparently the aren't carried around here any more. the ones i got have a really nice maple butcher block top on them, so i can put heavy stuff on top of the cabinets and not worry about getting the drawers to open.
So now all future quilting projects are safely organized and put away, waiting their turn under the sewing machine.
i've got one project under way now that i'll be working on this weekend. I hope to finish that top up next week.
yea! more fabric busted.

Tamera said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy quilting this weekend!

Can't wait to see some pics!

MightyMom said...

well, you better get to quiltling girl! don't wanna be queen of the stash again! they might make you wear a corset!