Motivation Friday

Friday, February 26, 2010

Time to check on my goals.  This week I did a lot of things that weren't quilty.   I started quilting on my pink isolette cover.  Not done, but at least it's started.  I worked on the string blocks, they are all together.  Right now the top is about 60x70", do you think it needs a little border, or should I leave well enough alone??


And then I since I had to take them down to take the string picture, I put the last sashings on my 9 patches from an OLD swap.  I am thinking I will leave the sashings as the edges, but they are a light color.  A border here?   What do you think--this top is already quite big 93x103".   I may take this apart into two tops, I'll think about it.

Don't worry, all the top didn't fit in the picture!  I think there are 85 9 patches.  The sashing is a very light apricot color.  

I am hoping to finish quilting the pink top and have time to make some binding.  

So please, give me your opinion on borders, I need some opinions!


Julianne said...

I say no border on the 9 patch. If you really want a border on the string top you could use a dark blue or some color that is dominate in the top. It really is fine with out a border but if you want one make it dark.

Kathie said...

String quilt I think a colorful binding would be all it needs. I personally would make the 9 patches into two quilts and put borders on them but that is just my taste.

Kathie L.

pdudgeon said...

i would add two more rows to the string quilt to make it 60 x 80--perfect size for a twin sized bed,and bind it in navy blue.
the 9 patch quilt only needs a binding in a shade slightly darker than the sashing.

both of these are beautiful quilts!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Another great string quilt. I ALWAYS like them. Guess I'm just a scrappy kinda girl. And doesn't it make you feel good to use up all those great fabrics? Even the ones you don't know what you'd do with otherwise.

Brenda said...

A border on the string would be nice - a place for the eye to rest a minute.
I like the 9-patch just as is!! I would just say done and that's it!! I like a large quilt sometimes, and this looks good the way it is.
Have a great weekend!!!!

Becky said...

Ok. You asked for opinions. I would not put a border on the string quilt. It looks wonderful as it is.I would add a border or two to the 9 patches. Good luck with your goals!

MightyMom said...

throw both those babies on the machine and QUILT them then call em done! forget about borders or whatnot.