Motivation Friday

Friday, November 5, 2010
Beautiful fall day.  Clear and sunny.  Harvest is finished.  There is a lot to be done before winter.   In between I worked on applique.   I must be very slow, it took me three days to make this block--

A Honey Bee block.  It's going on my "Jay's Sample Blocks" pile.  

Right before the first hard frost, we brought my holiday cactus in. It spent the summer on the patio table on the deck.  The shortening days must have triggered it to bloom.  Now the buds are opening and it's a mound of blossoms.  There are three separate colors in the pot, a fuchsia/white, a yellow, and a deep red/white.    I was going to divide it, but it seems to be doing quite well as is!  

Its setting on top of a treadle sewing machine, so you can see how big it is.  I've been reading blogs in between bouts of other activity.  I'm not sure what to do with all my leftover Halloween candy.  I've been good and only had one tiny Snickers.  Ken must be working on them, I'm finding empty wrappers.


Nancy said...

What a treat to have a blooming Christmas cactus. Enjoy it.

Love your block. I am intimidated by applique and have avoided even trying it.

Tamera said...

Your Christmas cactus is LOVELY!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

That's a gorgeous Christmas cactus...even if it's blooming before Thanksgiving. When my family moved to a new farm when I was 15 we inherited the former residents' Christmas cactus. It was planted in a metal 5-gallon bucket & was really HUGE. I remember it blooming whenever it felt like it too.

Katie Z. said...

Ah, empty candy wrappers. I'm finding them too!

You applique looks lovely. I am about to try some felted wool applique - it won't be that pretty!

Mary-Kay said...

Your block is beautiful and so is that cactus. Snickers are the best!

Henrietta said...

Pretty pretty block and I wouldn't make it in a million years.

YAAAAY Ken, tow that combine into the farmyard!

MightyMom said...

You did a great job on that block!! Hooray for harvest being done!!