Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, January 12, 2015
I've been working on my Stashbusters 30's challenge.  I have the 4 pieced columns done.

There is blue sashing around the columns and a simple pieced border yet.  Please see everyone's design walls at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Quilt Pink 30's top
Piece another 30's quilt columns
Make binding for Summer Nights at the Lake
Work on 5" charm challenge
Make binding for Island Chain
Sashings on Two Lips blocks
Load another top on Princess

There--variety for the week!  I've using "just one thing" as my mantra.  Even if I don't have time or feel like doing something--pick one thing and work on it.  Invest 15 minutes.  The little moments really help.   A few days ago I made labels for my project boxes (clear plastic boxes and baskets) so that I could identify their contents without removing them from the shelf.  I had been out of label tape and remembered when the office supply store was right beside the Dollar Store.  More plastic boxes at Dollar Store and labels from Staples.  A Win-Win!  

This weekend I'm sewing with the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies.  Better take my vitamins and rest up.  It is SO MUCH FUN!!  

Challenges--do you do them?  Do you enjoy them?  What was the best challenge you every participated in?  I'm doing the UFO challenge on Stashbusters, the "use your 30's stash" on Stashbusters, and a challenge among friends using 5" charms.  Oh, and Rainbow Scrappy Challenge!  I like that none of these requires buying anything.  You can customize the challenge to fit your style/ideas.  But I really liked the challenge with the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies--we all used the same free pattern and worked on it.  Lorri2Rs--maybe another group project?? (Lorri2Rs organized the last one).

Hope you're keeping warm,  -3F here.    Spring had better hurry up!  



Sara said...

I am doing RSC15 and will probably do the PHD (projects half done) challenge at the Pin Cushion again this year.

I have challenged myself to use more of my stash. Does that count?

Nancy said...

No challenges for me other than my goal to make 14 QOV by the end of July.

Love your progress on the quilt!

Ramona said...

Your quilt is looking great. The blue really sets the squares off nicely. What a nice variety of fabrics!

Bonnie said...

Hum, challenges are fun unless other things get in the way. I'm not good at finishing challenges usually. I like the goals because they do keep me focused. Have fun using those 30's prints. One of these days I'll pull mine out and get started on the pattern I've already chosen.

sewspeciallady said...

Load up on the Vitamins cause I'm going to make you SWEAT this weekend. I'll fire up the wood stove good and hot and we can pretend we are on vacation! :) See you Sat