Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Other Stuff

Saturday, January 24, 2015
One more blue block for January--

The eight dark squares are the blue.  The rest is odds and ends--scraps!

Liz also made blue crumb blocks set with red for January--she doesn't have a blog so I'm posting them here--

Liz's Blue Crumb Quilt
Liz is the Queen of Crumb piecing!  Please see everyone's Rainbow Scrappy Posts at soscrappy.

I took some pictures while at the Iowa Sweat Shop.  This is a pic of a few of the Iowa ladies--

Gina, Sue, and Lorri
Gina and Sue are sisters--they sit in the center of the room--they are our entertainment!  But they also sew hard.  Here is a quilt Gina finished piecing--

Gina's Album Blocks
Don't you love album blocks??  Gina has the largest stash if half of what she says is true.  Lorri and I are going to visit her to verify this.  (And we're gonna take pictures!)   Sue has been working on her HoneySweet Pinwheels quilt--its done in school colors, I think for an auction/fundraiser.  Lucky is the person who wins this!

Sue's School Colors Quilt
My sewing machine is getting a workout this week.  More piecing on the tangerine top and other assorted jobs.  The guild's QOV and my HoneySweet Pinwheels are quilted and tonight Trail Mix was loaded.  A while back I bought some "flawed" wide flannel fabric.  I thought I would show you the flaw--

The Flaw
Every 20" or so you might see the random thread in the cream flannel.  You have to really LOOK to find them.  Gives it a slightly tweedy look, and the flannel is great to quilt.  Yes, for $5.99@yd I can live with it!  108" wide.  Its not a loose thread--its woven right into the fabric. 

And you might have seen this vintage exerpt from a Singer publication--

I doubt that will ever be me!  

Its warmed up, maybe in the 50's tomorrow.  The snow is disappearing.  Spring is right around the corner.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  



Vic in NH said...

Whee! The Sweat Shop looks like so much fun, and you got lots done, too.
That was a great bargain on the flawed flannel, what a find! I love your close ups of the album blocks to really see the fabrics. I often recognize a few from my own collection, LOL!

Terri said...

In 1949 I was 1 year old... OMG.
I remember once when I was about 6 my Mom hit her head on an open cupboard door. Dad did the dishes! Dad never did the dishes - Mom must really be hurting. We were aghast that Dad did the dishes. He never did them again while I was home. That was woman's work. He never vacuumed or did laundry either. Boy have things changed.

Nancy said...

My goodness, according to that ad, I am a heathen at the sewing machine. Dust my fingers with chalk? Wear lipstick? Do the dishes first? I think NOT!

Love the pinwheel quilt and all the album blocks.m

Deb A said...

Pretty blocks. The scrappy album blocks are great.

Sara said...

That article was so funny! I see my sewing as another reason to avoid those dirty dishes and unmade beds. Quilting is much more fun than housework, and luckily my husband doesn't mind.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful blocks. I agree the Sweat Shop looks like a blast.

Sheila said...

Oh my. That was fun to read. If I had to do all that to have some sewing time, I'd never have time to sew.
Sweat Shop sounds like fun.

Katie Z. said...

I'm glad you had lots of fun! I'm ready to see pictures of a giant stash too, and how is it organized?

scraphappy said...

Lots of great sewing going on. Glad to hear that your machine is getting a workout. So nice to be productive.

Mary-Kay said...

That article was pretty entertaining. But I have to tell you, times have changed. I was at a funeral a couple of weeks ago for my aunt who was a very talented person. She was an artist, author and arranged operettas for school and most of all she was a nun. The priest was giving the eulogy and he was remarking on how talented my aunt was. He said the lesson here was when you felt like creating, then you should go create, where ever your talent was. In my head I was saying "Yes, I can sew whenever I want. Forget the housework!" So now whenever someone complains about something not done in this house, I tell them God said to go create.