Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Motivation Update

Saturday, January 3, 2015
Rainbow Scrappy Challenge is where I dig through my scraps.  I started with some strips that needed frogging.  Bits and bobs left from previous projects.

Frogging and Pressing pile
Then searched my partial strip box and scrap box.  I made these--

January Blue blocks
More album or great granny blocks!  Yes, I made these blocks last year for Rainbow Scrappy Challenge and I liked them so much I'm making them again for 2015.  They satisfy my need for multiple fabrics in all sorts of colors but organize them into a quilt anyone would love.  There is nothing more fun than digging through the scrap box unless its digging through someone else's scrap box!  Thank you Angela for hosting this challenge!  Please see everyone's posts at soscrappy.

Goals this week are--

Borders on Island Chain
Borders on Raggy Flower top
Sashings on Two Lips blocks
Sashings on 30's blocks
Christmas Irish Chain piecing
Borders for Bricks and Stepping Stones

The 30's blocks were supposed to be these--

2012 Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks
They are blocks from Rainbow Scrappy Challenge in 2012. They are hanging out on the design wall waiting for sashing.  But these blocks were insistent they were next--

Pink Uneven 9 Patches
The last of the Uneven 9 Patches set with pink!  I don't know where the pink came from.  I am not a pink person.  Laura Beth is having a boy.  But somewhere sometime in the future I predict a pink quilt will be needed.  Thank you Kat for the EQ setting and to Pat for her suggestions on the border.  I was planning juvenile fabric for the border and she said "no, pink with a bit of green".  She was right, it was a good fit.  

Tops were measured this week and written in my handy dandy notebook.  I note whether or not backing is made and if binding is made.  They are pressed and stored in the closet like this--

Top, Binding, and Backing
Ready for quilting!  This week two backings were pieced and two bindings made.  It was a good week.

The weather is going to turn frigid cold and windy.  Where is spring?  Please, someone tell me its right around the corner!  


Nancy said...

The granny blocks are definitely perfect for the rainbow challenge!

I love how you' set the blocks with the pink - very nice.

Cold and snowy here today, so more winter weather is headed your way. . .

Kate said...

I really like the Great Granny Blocks. That one is one my bucket list. Your 1930's blocks are beautiful. Congrats on the finish too.

Sara said...

You are always pretty productive and I think those granny blocks will be a good project again this year because the result is so pretty.

Scrappy quilter said...

Very nice.

Deb A said...

Perfect blocks for the challenge! It was 79 degrees at 6PM tonight so I had to call my Mom in VT on the way home and tell her. (I know, I am a very cruel daughter as it was 17 degrees and snowing with a winter story warning for them) My previous challenge blocks are being loud as well, might have to finish a few of them.

Julie in GA said...

Your Granny Squares blocks are great! I am tempted to start making some myself. Beautiful 30's blocks too.

Katie Z. said...

Looking good!

I'm still resisting the granny blocks, although the temptation is growing. Yours are beautiful.

Does that mean LB will have three boys? Is she feeling any better?

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Yes, Lori, Spring is right around the corner. It's just that the corner is quite a ways down the road. I hate wind and cold doesn't make it any better. Tonight it's snowing here, the wind is blowing like crazy and it almost certainly below zero by now. Yuck!!

Love all your blocks & tops. You are such a prolific quilter.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What fun!!! So... digging into others' scraps - is that a hint to wing little pieces your way????

Susan said...

Your TO DO list makes me tired...

I am trying to get a few things done but keep getting interrupted.

Love your scrappy blocks........

Ellen said...

Lots of wonderful things taking place in your sewing room!

Cathy said...

I remember those 30s blocks and still love them. And, hey, I think we are in the 2014 Stashbusters 150 yd club together. Looks like your 2015 is off to a good start.

scraphappy said...

The Granny blocks are such a great way to use up little bits -- love them!

Sheila said...

Love your granny squares. Good idea for the RSC.