Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, January 10, 2016
My first stash report for 2016--

Stash In--2.75 yds
Stash out--00.00 yds
Stash in YTD--2.75 yds
Stash out YTD--00.00 yds

Stash is ahead 2.75 yds! 

What did I buy?  A jelly roll to add to my planned Simply Woven start!  Please see everyone's stash report at Patchwork Times.

A few random pictures--

What is that?  Cheezit crackers with peanut butter and a baby aspirin--Ruby the Quilting Dog is almost 15 yo and has arthritis--one or two baby aspirin a day really help her.  She gobbles them--GULP!! GONE!!

On Stashbusters Yahoo group 2016 is the year of Faeries.  We have fairy names, and magic doors to pop through, and magic faery dust, oh, whatever you can think of!   I am a "goth" faery.  

My Faery name is Aiobheal

While Lorri was here she began paper piecing me a faery wall hanging--

She has lots of patience!  She's using satin and netting--Lorri is a talented doll maker so the fiddly work is her thing.

 A closeup of an eye--some pieces only have 3 stitches holding them in place.  

And since this is the year of faeries--I found some faery fabric in my stash--I'll have to use it somehow.

Have you ever wanted to be a faery?  




Tired Teacher said...

Ruby and I have something in common: I'm swallowing pills for arthritis, too. Maybe I should try some peanut butter with them.

Love the detail of the fairy eye! Lorri must have a LOT of patience.

Suzanne said...

I like the Fairy theme!

Vic in NH said...

Let the Simply Wovens begin! awww, we didn't get to see the jelly roll yet? well, soon then.

Dar said...

What a cute theme. Did you pick your own fairy name? I think Lorri is a good friend to spend so much time making your fairy quilt. She is the godmother of the fairy castle.

Claudia said...

Hope your doggy is feeling better. Please be careful with the peanut butter....I used to give pills with that too.....but I hear the warnings about NOT giving your dogs peanut I use cheese.
Take Care.