Monday Goals

Monday, September 1, 2008
I've been pondering what kind of goals I can have this week. I did get the baby quilt top together last night. Discovered what I forgot to pack in that car of mine--a SEAM RIPPER! Tomorrow I will have to go buy one. I have been quietly sewing and reading today, Laura Beth and Nick are enjoying Melissa being here. Lots of laughing, movies and for those of you who know--the video game "Guitar Hero". Except that's it's LOUD it's a hoot to watch--Melissa is a vocal/band/piano teacher so she loves it!

1) Take pictures of the Blooming Rose top tomorrow on the grass if it's not too windy.
2) Start ironing and cutting fabric for my new quilt "Scrap Happy"

Drat--too windy today to take picures--I tried!!


Unknown said...

Okay, M'Dear ... send me an address so I can send you a "Pay it Forward" gift ... please.

And maybe a gift for Grammy to keep at home too. We grandmothers need to have a few things at our house ...