Organization Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Snap! Snap! That's me cracking the whip over my fabric!

Do you remember this photo from a while back? My poor stacking cubes!

But now I've organized them a little better, and my cutting table is cleared off!

I used my ruler and folded my fabric with it, and it's true!~ You CAN get more fabric on your shelves! That's the same fabric from before, and I ADDED all the fabric off my cutting table. Whew!

Today I am still working with my scraps, cutting all the pieces I've pulled out into:
1) 2.5" noodles
2) 3.5x6.5" bricks
3) reds, green, and blue heartstrings middles
4) strings--lots of strings!

I know sometime in the future I will use the noodles to make something scrappy, and the bricks will go into a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt. I love that pattern, and it uses all those odd bits of stash up!

Ken and the oral surgeon went well, except he's whiney. But I've sent him to the grocery store as NOTHING I have here appeals to him! He wants some potato dumpling soup. Sigh--the things we do for our husbands!


Pattilou said...

Loved looking through your blog. The organization thing is endless isn't it. Your cubes look great. Can't believe how much you get done.

Sweet P said...

Nice job on organizing your fabric. Be careful though, you may start to think "I have room for more fabric" and find yourself shopping!

Stephanie D said...

I can't work when all around me is chaos, either, and right now, just having finished that baby quilt, my sewing room is a M*E*DOUBLE*S!

It's got to be at least straightened up before I pick up another project!

Men are so whiney when they're ill, aren't they?

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Wanna come to my house and fold my fabric? I've run out of room for my new fabric. They're starting to pile up on the floor outside the closet! 8-) I also need to cut up my scraps. I love the Bricks & Stepping Stones pattern! Look forward to seeing yours!

Mary Johnson said...

Much neater!

At least he went to the store - Keith is always willing to do the grocery shopping if I promise to cook for him.

Henrietta said...

You can make a Chains of Lurv!