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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Sue was wondering how other quilters make/plan their quilts. First I plan the quilt, iron and stack my fabric, and set the book next to the cutting table. I like to cut all my fabric first, then sew. I love mindless chain piecing. I "audition" the blocks on my design wall and often take a picture and get a new perspective on it by looking at the blocks on the computer. I like my binding to match my border if I want it to blend, or if I am planning a more funky look--bias striped binding is fun! Since I am trying to use as much stash as possible, and probably love them the best, scrap quilts get made a lot. I love a wild riot of colors! And zip lock baggies are a quilters best friend. Put all those fabric pieces in their bag--write on the outside of the bag, then enclose the whole works in a gallon bag with the pattern/magazine.

First I ironed, then cut the 2" squares, 1.5x2.5" rectangles, then 1.5x3.5"
rectangles. I think I have almost enough cut here, I need 904-3.5", 452-2.5" rectangles, and 113 2" squares.

I know, doesn't look like enough pieces for a queen size quilt, but that's what the directions called for.

I find my June Tailor Shape Cut, a fresh blade, and my iron with a little spray starch makes things go really fast!

And here are my baggies all ready to go, this way I don't lose my project. (Remember what my sewing room looked like??!!)

Here is what was left of trimmings and refolded fabric.

And if you were wondering if I had cut enough pieces, I still have this box of fabric left--I haven't cut anything that's left in here yet!

When I have all my blocks made I will cut the sashing strips, cornerstones, and setting triangles. I may change my mind about the fabric I have chosen for the those pieces after I get the blocks together. But I don't think so, I am trying to use my stash for this one.


Henrietta said...

Good Grief!

Now you need to tell them how we made "Chains of Lurv" and what went in it.

My method is completely different, I'm not sure it could even be called a method.

SueR said...

And what will you *do* with all the little scraps left over from cutting out your quilt? Will you throw them away? Eeek! Will you trim them up into smaller squares and strips like Bonnie does? Will you just throw them in some scrap drawers? Inquiring minds... Hmmm, what do people *really* do with all their scraps?

Marlublu said...

I also put the small quilt pieces I'm working with in baggies and I have't lost one yet.