Monday Goals

Monday, August 17, 2009
No stash report this week, I didn't buy any fabric or finish anything. And no design wall, so no new pictures.

Goals--This week is a big celebration in Yankton--Riverboat Days. Parade, vendors, lots of things to see and do. Although I will volunteer on Saturday, I will have Friday and Sunday off. The theme this year is "Mardi Gras", and I have a mask, crown, and beads ready to wear! Wonder if the visitors will think I'm crazy?!! I will ask someone to take a picture if I remember.

  1. Piece Bricks and Stepping Stones and D9P blocks.

Yes, I think that is all I will have for goals this week. I have errands to run, and several days of volunteering coming up, and also possible guests this weekend. The weather has been beautiful yesterday and today. It rained and rained and RAINED on Saturday while I was volunteering! Good day to be inside.


MightyMom said...

you'd better not forget that picture!!


I need some throw those things on your bed and snap a pic or two!

Stephanie D said...

I'm playing catch-up, so this is late!

How is it August can be so hot and so busy at the same time?