Monday Goals

Sunday, November 8, 2009
Goals for next week are--

  1. Work on quilt for a friend
  2. Bind baby quilt
  3. Load another top on long arm
  4. Sew 9 patches into a top
  5. Pull out a UFO
There are plenty of items on that list to keep me busy. Yesterday I quilted a Heartstrings top that came home with me from the Kasson MN sew in. It will wait with the pink baby quilt until I have a binding making session. I also finished the borders and backing on the navy blue/white bricks and stepping stones quilt, so that is another top all ready to quilt. Gradually I am getting tops closer to being done!

My purple striped malva are still blooming. Didn't they feel the frost? The snow and ice a few weeks ago? Guess not!

Have any of your thought about next year yet? I have! Yes, I have "a plan". I am going to make a quilt "for me" out of "NOT ME" colors. And not scrappy. Does anyone want to join me in an "out of the box" experience?


Stephanie D said...

I have one lone peace rose on the bush out there--in November! It didn't go with the graveyard look last week!

Not sure about the "out of the box" thing. Sometimes it ALL feels out of the box.

MightyMom said...

uh, we'll have to see. next year is year #3 of finishing all my UFOs. I'm down to 4 of my quilts, 2 of grandmother's (that I remember, there might be another one stuck in there) a wall hanging, a latch hook rug, a clown costume and the Christmas gifts and halloween costumes each year.

Compared to the 20 things that are now crossed off the list I'm feeling like next year will be THE YEAR!!

Then and only then will I begin any new projects! (hahahahahaha so she says with almost a straight face)

but I did BUY a tree skirt because I need a new one and did not want to add it to the Todo List. Aren't you proud of me???

Katie Z. said...

Mmm... something "out of the box?" I think I will join you, although I don't know what I will do. It will have to be something simple for me, but maybe a new quilting skill? I'll come up with something!

Kim said...

Welcome home. :-) Busy already!

So is being out of the box a bit like being off your rocker? LOL. I've already experienced that. I am curious about your out of the box quilt.

Vicki H. said...

How funny plants are, I have a pansy with one bloom and a balloon flower that didn't get the frost and snow.
My mom remembers no running water on their farm until the 1950's. Ugh, I am comfortable with our modern conviences.
I am have a terrible time basting!! My quilts have pleats in the back when I machine quilt them, I can't tell you how frustrated I am. I baste and baste and pin and pin.... ugh. Any tips??

Suzanne said...

I do have plans for 2010, which I blogged about today...take a look. I think it's great your stretching your creative wings and trying "not you" colors.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

sounds like fun! I have done scrappy for so long now it might be the change I am needing. Do share the details!