Monday Goals

Monday, November 16, 2009
Every week I have to look back and review what last week's goals were. I've been sewing a lot, have many projects in the works. This afternoon I took a few pictures, my blog has been rather boring! The 9 patches are sewn into a top, next will be borders.

  1. Quilt the rosy red fleece backed top (fleece goes on top when quilting
  2. Check and add borders to my friend's top
  3. Load friend's top on long arm
  4. Piece backing for mystery quilt
  5. Start making bindings
Here are my piles of "things to finish". There are quilts needing bindings and finished tops needing quilting stacked on that roll of batting. In the corner is a folding quilt rack that holds finished quilts--made by Henrietta and I out of scraps from a broken wooden pallet.

Okay, I think those will keep me busy this week. We are still harvesting, Ken was stuck with the combine the other day. sigh I hope the weather holds until he is done. I have all my neighbor's leaves on my lawn, I gave up and called the lawn care fellow, he can do the last mowing and suck up all those leaves and haul them away. Today my sister and I went and received our H1N1 vaccination. Yes, we are both in a high risk category.


Stephanie D said...

Ambitious goals, my friend! But if anyone can do it, you can.

Got my swine flu shot at work Thurs. evening--gave me a headache, but a friend's excedrin took care of it, and no other problems!

When does your friend come in?

antique quilter said...

wow a lot of beautiful quilts in that corner!
Love the quilt rack they are on.
nine patches my favorite!
can't wait to see how you quilt it

Nancy said...

Lovely quilts! You have more than enough to keep you busy for awhile.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love the way you store your In Progress. Its actually a great display!! Enjoy your shot *tee hee

MightyMom said...

no piggy shot for me!!

I refuse cuz pigs ain't Kosher!


get to work girl, you got about a year's worth of work on that list...well, at least the rest of this year anyway.

Mary Johnson said...

I've got piles of tops needing quilting and quilts needing binding all over the house!