Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Often when I read other blogs, I see so many artistic people out there. People who make things OTHER than quilts! Henrietta and I were talking, and she mentioned she had a rug stored here, it was made out of double knit cut into VERY SMALL SQUARES that were folded and sew onto a backing. Here it is--the butterfly rug. It is soft and squishy and washes beautifully. All out of the 60's polyester. Except that the thread may wear out eventually, I think it is almost indestructible!

It's a soft pale green and is about 28" long and 24" wide, perfect for in your bathroom. The squares of poly are about 1.5" square, and are folded diagonally and stitched down. When you run your hand over it it reminds me of alligator or fish scales, very tightly fit.

About the same time Henrietta bought the butterfly on a estate auction, I had bought a bunch of loomed rag rugs (another estate auction). Very hard to find good loomed rag rugs nowadays. Do you remember winding the strips of scrap fabric into balls to be taken and made into rugs? I do! This is one of my favorites, I love the purple with red/black stripes on the ends, and it is made with red and green Christmas strings!

I haven't sold any of those rugs, that was my intention, but I like them all so much I may have to start using them!


MightyMom said...

I sent you a bunch of double knit for a rug as I recall........