Working on Saturday

Saturday, November 21, 2009

First I thawed a 23# frozen turkey. (Turkeys are on sale here for .47 @ lb. with a coupon!) Then I cooked it in my pressure cooker for 30 minutes. I did this late Friday night, and set the whole thing outside until this morning. (it was 32F last night)

I deboned and cut it up--turning it into this---

Which I turned into this---

Its a bit depressing that a 23# turkey only filled 10 pints! But that's only a bit over $1 a pint for cooked boneless ready to cook with turkey. I plan to cook 4-5 more big turkeys. My whole family saved their coupons for me!

And I'm keeping busy quilting, maybe by tomorrow I'll have a finish. Last night I made this--
Yes, I finally made some binding!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Yummmmm!!! I see all kinds of good turkey dishes made with that canned turkey. And I hate making binding & attaching it & sewing it down!!! But, I've been doing Judy L's method of machine binding & it's not so bad. Lots of pinning but it looks good in the end. From 20 ft. away on a galloping horse it's indistinguishable from hand finished binding. I no longer have the patience for hand sewing bindings. I think it's an age things....lots of quilts to make & not nearly enough time left in this lifetime. Got lots of fabric & I want my kids & grandkids to have something to fight over after I go to my reward. LOL

Kim said...

I would like to do this with roast chicken. Canned holds up so much better than the freezer storage. I love to sew bindings.

Henrietta said...

I can't believe you only got 10 pints out of that bird.

I don't mind making binding or attaching it but the hand sewing makes my hands hurt and I am not as good at is as Lori is. Hers is beautiful.

MightyMom said...


do I see BINDING???

my eyes must be going....I could swear that I saw some BINDING at your place!!


Stephanie D said...

Canned turkey? That's a first for me!