Motivation Friday

Friday, November 6, 2009
We're not really going to check on my goals. I spent the last week in Mankato with Mason, Laura Beth and Nick, so there was no sewing! But I got to play with Mason a lot, and although I haven't gotten him to say "grandma or grandpa" yet, I worked on it! My house is so quiet without him here to hold his arms up to me. Or play in the bathtub. Or read a book to. He even listens closely when I sing, no matter what! This is one of the last pictures I took before I left.

I love to shop at thrift and junk stores. I look for old dishes, especially old Pyrex. I bought this one, it goes with a set of smaller ones in different colors. This is a 1.5 liter casserole dish. The little "ears" on the sides make them easy to lift while hot.

Also found some flat flannel sheets I am going to try and use as batting on heartstrings quilts. With lots of seams and foundation fabric, they sometimes get quite heavy when you add batting too. And, I found Ken six more shirts. He wants button down the front, button down collar, with a front pocket, in conservative colors! Nothing like being picky! These will either become work shirts (and they don't have to be new--just clean and cared for) or farm shirts (where anything goes!)

The weather is beautiful today, the thermometer says 75 degrees, and I hear kids playing and lawn mowers going. Sure beats snow! I have my doors and windows open. Ah, fresh air!

I hope you're enjoying nice weather where you are too!

PS--check the previous post, that wildly striped afghan Mason is laying on I found in a thrift store for $5!!! I had to buy it, my grandmother made that pattern a lot and I didn't have one. I have great memories of her making them.


Howdy said...

When you have the opportunity to be with the little fella - nothing else matters!

I laughed when I first saw what they wanted at an Antique shop for the avocado green mixing bowl set I've been using for 35 years... I've got me some expensive mixing bowls! LOL

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You just got back and I'm just leaving tomorrow after work to go stay with the grandkids. I wasn't going to take the sewing machine but Laurie gave me the list of clothes that need fixing so it got added to the pile. Since it was going I decided my corrected Bricks & Stepping Stones would go too. I plan to go to the library while I'm there and do some genealogy research and I'm taking my scanner to scan some pictures I don't have. Good thing my car isn't too small!!! LOL

MightyMom said...