Motivation Friday

Friday, November 20, 2009
Time to check my goals. I've gotten a lot done this week, but they weren't quilty things. Hired someone to rake/mow my lawn the last time, Ken and I just haven't the time right now. Monday my sister and I were able to receive our H1N1 shots. Not near as important for me as for my sister, she's the local librarian and has lots of public contact. I had my 3 month check up, and my numbers were all good, I'm pleased. Whew!

  1. I have the rosy red top quilted, it's now moved to the binding pile
  2. I'm still measuring and planning on my friend's quilt
  3. I loaded a BEAUTIFUL top for a lady, I hope she'll let me show you when it's done.
  4. Haven't pieced the mystery quilt back
  5. No binding made yet either.

But, I'm pleased so far with my progress, lots of life happening around me! Harvesting is moving at a snails pace. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Tonight I baked a batch of cookies I had chilling in the fridge. Gingersnaps! They end up in the lunch boxes taken in the tractors.


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Yum...those cookies look tasty!!

MightyMom said...


Jackie Russell said...

The Ginger snaps look yummy!

Jeanne said...

Those cookies are motivating me to make a batch.