Monday Goals

Monday, February 1, 2010

I didn't make all my goals last week, but that's ok.  I did family things. 

This week I will work on--

  1. load a top to quilt
  2. finish sewing red/white bricks and stepping stones blocks together
  3. finish sewing blue/white blocks together
  4. cut out a challenge project
  5. sew two pillowcases 

There, I have some variety on my list--cutting, piecing, quilting!

And it snowed a bit again last night, but no wind.  I would think it's about 4 inches of fluffy snow.


And because I wish it were spring already, I have some paperwhites I forced inside that are blooming.

This list will keep me busy, two days of socializing has me tired!  


Mary-Kay said...

Uugh.......snow! You can keep it. I hope you reach all your goals this week.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Good luck with your goals. I'm a listmaker, too. That's the only way I can keep on track!

Wishing you an early spring:)

Brenda said...

Well, your Monday goals took me till Wednesday to read!!! Look like great goals to me. I am just trying to get me to take a picture of the top I finished yesterday, blog about it, and pull out my next UFO and get it ready to finish. My top is not finished, I don't do my own quilting, but it's not in pieces anymore - so that is GREAT!!
Keep up the good work, and send the snow up here!!!!!

Bell's Doings said...

I also started paperwhites early. Have never done or planted them before. Do yours have a really strong bad scent?? Mine do. My family made me move them out of the kitchen far away. I enjoy your blog. I'm a SDakotan and quilter too.

MightyMom said...

sweet little flowers! do they smell?