Monday Goals

Monday, May 10, 2010
Small goals this week.  Volunteer M-Tu-Wed.  We have a graduation this weekend.  And, if it doesn't rain, Ken hopes to plant corn and beans.  That means I will be there too.  

  1. Work on camper project
  2. More sashings on the disappearing 4 patches

The shoulder is still very sore, if it doesn't improve, I will have to go to the Dr.  

I have been getting used to the Google reader.  Catch up on everyone on the weekends.  I hope I haven't missed anyone!  


Tins and Treasures said...

Oh, I hope your shoulder doesn't give you any more problems...we tend to take these body parts for granted until they don't work like we want them to. Good luck.

Take care ~Natalie

MightyMom said...

Is it arthritis or did you injure it??

Enjoy your week