Saturday Wanderings

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I came home yesterday and I'm buried beneath laundry.  How can two people have that much laundry?  

I haven't had any time to quilt yet.   But I am working on the blocks I had on my wall, and my INTERNET ORDER of fabric arrived.  Yes, I will have additions to my stash report tomorrow.  But I am cutting some of that fabric and sewing it already.  I would like to have the pieces for one project cut to take back with me.   And I'm hoping I can sew all the sashings on my disappearing 4 patches before I leave.   Pat, I am trying your method of sewing in sections (or continents as Pat says).  We'll see if the countries come together without war!

Ken loves to go to auctions when he's not busy.  He brings me home "treasures".  Okay, only some of it is treasures--the rest goes in the trash!  But today he went and spent $1.  Here are my newest treasures--

An enamelware pan,  a cute little flower vase, and a glass pitcher.  And then of course there are always a few things in those boxes that I don't really need.

Ken thought at first glance that it was a cake pan (it was upside down in the box) but after a bit more digging it's a plastic candy dish.  I think.  I will store it with a few other things, maybe I will remember I have it next Thanksgiving!

I had intended to work outside in the flowers and the garden today, but it's cold and windy and looks like it might rain.  I have the HEAT on!  

Ken is at the grocery store picking up a few things so we can eat.  I have bread pudding baking in the oven--it's a bread pudding type of day! What I SHOULD cook is chili soup--Ken loves chili soup!


Pat said...

Hope your countries join piecefully :)

Howdy said...

MMMMmmmm Bread Pudding! Care to share your recipe?

I love enamel ware pans! Reminds me of my Granny! I have a few that I've picked up and use all the time.

Some times big squares are easier than long strips!

MightyMom said...

girl, I'm thinking that there's a relish dish. such as you might set on the table before the bird's done for "whore's ovaries" to quote my husband. you know, pickles in one spot, olives in the next, pickled okra taking up half the plate (well, if I'M setting it anyway), that sort of thing.

maybe it's a redneck thang.